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SQL Simplified

"Cecelia took the mystery out of SQL and made it understandable. Her course was perfect. She laid it out with real world problems in conjunction with the course database. Working from foundation and basics to more complex operations. With that said, I am ready to now use SQL for my employer and to advance into a SQL Analysis course. Thank you Cecelia!" - Jay S.

Work in Your Passion

"Really useful course. Lots of concise information. Really likeable presenter who highlights a positive approach to achieving goals/dreams and also helping those around you. Appreciated the "pay it forward" mentoring approach and the inspiring stories from Chris's own experience and business greats. I immediately bought his book as well. Highly recommend." - Daphne P.

Launch a Remote Career

"Having a passive income has always been a dream for me! I'm really happy for taking this course. Now I know where to start my journey to passive income." - Julie W.

Supercharge Your Job Search

"As someone who has been struggling to change career path and whom is currently unemployed, these courses have provided motivation, confidence and excitement! Eager to continue learning and see how these tools are used in finding a new job (that pays more and I like)!!" - Erika M.

Find Telecommuting Jobs

"Rachel did a great job in providing all sort of places that you can find telecommute jobs. She also shows how to navigate these sites and the words to use. Basically, everything you need. You only need to put in effort in using these sites for your job search. She is also responsive to your questions, plus really put in the work to find the answer for you. You can't go wrong with this course" - David T.

Online Jobs You Can Do at Home

"Instructor was very engaging and delivered the course information at the perfect pace with no fluff or repetition. He delivered an excellent list of work-from-home jobs, all of which I would love to pursue but three of them are a perfect fit for me. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone seeking to work from home. This instructor gives you all the information you need to pursue and fulfill your dreams today. Very impressive!" - Iris J.

Work at Home as a Transcriptionist

"I am a stay at home mom again and its been difficult not being able to bring some sort of income. It felt like the clouds broke when I found your course! I sincerely appreciate the step by step process and hands on training. I am excited to go onto your other practice courses and feel prepared to find work later, all at my own pace. Thank you so much!" - Adriana C.

Work Online as a Content Creator

"I got so much more out of this course than I thought I would! There are golden nuggets all over the place that make you think differently about the tools that are at our fingertips and how we can use them to our fullest advantage. The content was delivered in a very professional way and I particularly liked the other collaborators' contributions. I would recommend this course to anyone who is even remotely considering making a living online. Thanks for your passion and I also can't wait to check out your singing skills! Cheers!!" - Jeremy C.

Start a Successful YouTube Channel

"This course is very easy to follow and everything is explained in a way that makes it easy to understand, even for someone who isn't too familiar with YouTube. I feel ready to get started creating and building my own channel!" - Amy H.

Become a Freelancer

"This course is exactly what I have been looking for to start my freelancing business. It provides up-to-date and detailed information on setting up a freelancing business as well as scaling it up. I will be referring to the lessons learned in each module as often as possible." - Pelumi O. M.

Work as a Virtual Assistant

"Really enjoyed the course. I have been contemplating if this was something i wanted to do and Erin made it easy for me to see what areas drive me and what I would like to learn more about in the VA world. I ended up purchasing 2 other course that sparked my interest from what I had learned from this one. I'm excited to embark on this journey. Thank you for all this useful information." - Shakesha S.

Become a Life Coach

"I have ADD. I began watching this course to help myself but about half way through I was amazed at how much I had learned and how much I had changed. I’m now fully committed to taking this knowledge and moving forward to becoming a Life Coach and sharing what I have learned with others. To the creators of this series, thank you for changing my life!" - Roland C.

Become a Data Scientist

"This course is a good starting point for those who want to get familiar with data science topics. The instructors did an amazing job in explaining difficult probability, statistics, and machine learning terms using intuitive examples and diagrams. The coding sections are well-organized, provide suitable programming functions and practical tips that would be really helpful in tacking real problems." - Xuan-Thuan N.

Teach English Online

"It was a good course. There were plenty of tips that I learnt on how to get started with my own tutoring business. The information was clear and concise with lots of information from good materials to look at, how to prepare for lessons and even how to do the administration for your business. This is definitely more aimed at individuals newer to the field of tutoring who have little to no experience. Teachers who are familiar with teaching / tutoring English might not benefit as much from this course, but as mentioned before, there were still plenty of tips that I could add to my arsenal. Thank you for the course!" - Marcus A.

Become a Professional Podcaster

"Awesome love it, SUPER VALUABLE COURSE. If you want to start your own podcast take it, if your want to make money producing podcasts take it. I know absolutely NOTHING when I started and I'm not relatively confident in my ability to produce a show for someone else." - Luis D.

The Complete Business Plan Course

"Amazing Course. Thankyou Chris. Worth every cent. I used this course to write a plan to win a $500k government grant. Chris is very charismatic and has a good delivery. More than a business plan course, a mini business course. Included extra resources, business tips, strategy, excel model, 50 BP templates and other resources on his website. I will be taking more of your courses in the future." - Darren R.

Get Your Dream Job

"The timing of this course was perfect, as I’m currently working towards a different career path. My next challenge is to awaken the passion, and I’m confident many of the topics included in the course will aid me, and my desire to succeed! Seeking more than a job, a lot more!!" - Justin D.

Create an Explosive Resume

"This course was really helpful. Everyone has a resume but we never question about why there are those different sections in the resume. I liked how the instructor doesn't just tells us to make changes but also explained why we should change them." - Shinjini S.

Get Your Dream Job

"I’m leaving the army soon to pursue a very different career and, before this class, I was very nervous to start sending out resumes and begin networking on LinkedIn. But not anymore. He is very intelligent and personable. The videos are very easy to watch. I’ve been watching them in my HMMWV out in the field in small doses and I’m honestly I’m excited to get to the next lecture. Was this review helpful?" - Kyle C.

How to Start a Business from an Idea

"As a person with 0 knowledge about starting a business, this course is a ray of hope at an amazing price. the coach walked us through everything, from A to Z that you need to know about starting a business." - Faizah K.

Work in Your Passion

"Excellent course Chris is a great teacher I really love him, he is very detail knows what he is talking about. He said transparency build trust I want to live buy that. Always preparing for meeting every battle has been won has been fought. I learn so much less is more. I like when he said to speak with passion and when you are frustration about something it lead to breakthrough. Take time for yourself." - Patricia L.

Make Money While Traveling

"I really enjoyed this course. I loved the course layout. I enjoyed the short and concise videos which allowed me to finish the course in a few hours. My husband is a SEO specialist working remote and he inspired me to become a digital nomad. Thank you for creating this content. I learned a lot from it and definitely recommend investing in this structured course because I would have spent so much more time researching this content on my own." - Desiree E R.

Work in Your Passion

"This is a great course if you like hearing career and self-development advice. It's like a guidebook on the do's and don'ts of success in business and career." - Arsen K.

The Complete Business Plan Course

"The MOST amazing journey! I didn't know what to expect but it was this was OVER serving for sure! I am a writer of business plans but I wanted to do better and increase my rates as I will certainly be doing that after this influx of knowledge and skills!" - Marilyn P.

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Introduction to Technical Writing for Industry

"In my current employment, there are no documentation standards or guidelines. By taking this course, I felt enlightened right after I learned how to create a procedure and tinker with the writing style. I also learned how to identify the key emotional competences for outstanding performance." - Chen Chu

This course met my expectations perfectly - Jonathan provided extra materials and valuable feedback in addition to the text. The class was very well structured." - Robin Kruse

"This course was very well thought out. I enjoyed the information about the Tech Writing profession, along with, useful writing examples and guidelines. " - Jim Whitsel

"Jonathan was wonderful. Patient and understanding of my hectic lifestyle. He was very helpful and his comments were always given in a positive way. " - Selina Cidade

"Taking this class gave my a background in the field of Technical writing which I did not previously have." - Adesuwa Evbuoma

"I like how the workshop has been currently designed. Each module and topic challenges the students to bring out and reinforce creativity and resourcefullness. I also like how you give constructed comments and suggestions to areas that needs improvement, and on how you direct students to very useful and relevant book resources." - Diadema Martinez

"My knowledge greatly increased because I knew so little about technical writing before taking this course. I feel that my writing skills improved. My course instructor, Monika Duvinage, was terrific. The instructor`s feedback was quick, comprehensive, well thought out, and very helpful." - James Antonucci

"Extremly high. Little things I was struggling with are no issues to me at this time. I have more confidence. I`m making sure I tell other people about my success. " - Jennifer Taylor

"I have an awareness of what technical writing is about. My writing skills improved & my attitude is positive now. Before I did not really think that I could pass this course, but now my self confidence has increased." - Sujata Cukkemane

"My knowledge increased extensively. The projects helped me be more confident in my ability to write and communicate. Learning the various rules of technical writing have been very helpful." - Judy Evans

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Advanced Technical Writing Reviews

"This is the first online course I have taken. One its benefits has been Diane's accessibility and encouragement. She has answered all the questions I`ve asked her in a timely, pleasant and thorough manner." - Barbara Tomasello

"I learned what a proposal is, how to plan one and write a winning proposal. I also learned about designing Request for Proposals. Diane has a friendly, gentle teaching style which I really enjoyed. She answered every question I gave to her well." - Cameron Marschall

"The instuctor offered very valuable comments on every assignment. It was very obvious that she had taken the time to really look at my work, not just quickly scan over it. Her comments were very useful." - Linda Gill

"Great instructor, great course material. I learned a great deal!" - Susan Culbreath

"My writing on the job has definitely improved. I write more confidently as a result and more frequently. In addition, I am more open to suggestion about my writing than previously. I think I`ve gained a greater sense of collaboration in terms of publishing a document. I did use my final assignment to help prepare me for a potential proposal that may prove to be very lucrative. " - Alex Milosavljevic

"I have never written a proposal, so everything I learned in this class was new and exciting. My writing and design skills improved. In order to complete the class, I had to study the advanced editing and design tools in Word and Excel. I am significantly more confident and more respected in the workplace. Diane was a terrific instructor. " - James Antonucci

"I was very pleased with the course. It was rigourous, but not consuming, which I needed with my schedule.I intend to take online courses whenever the need arises rather than a traditional course. I felt I had individual attention, and the time flexibility was invaluable. " - Jean Breeding

Tech Gadget Reviews

Fire TV Stick Streaming Device Shop Best Prices

"I found the new 4K (HDR) Firestick to function much better than the 2nd Gen Firestick. It downloads app pages much faster. And with the added on/off function of the TV, and controlling my surround system volume/mute, awesome. There are no special settings to get through to use those functions! I was using the Ethernet adapter on the 2nd Gen Stick, but found it useless to use with this Stick. It only caused interference problems and appears to only see WiFi. So I unplugged the adapter and went with just using the WiFi. The interference stopped and now it works great! Now to only get a 4K TV!" - Amazon Reviewer

Roku Express HD Streaming Shop Best Prices

"The Roku Streaming Stick+ is simply awesome. It's super easy to set up, it's powered by your TV, and the signal booster that is built in to the USB cable ensures a strong wireless connection. This thing attaches entirely to the backside of your TV and is completely out of sight once it's installed. I bought this for use with a bedroom TV because I didn't want any unnecessary electronics cluttering up the room, and I couldn't be happier." - Amazon Reviewer

Arlo Pro - Wireless Home Camera System Shop Best Prices

"After reviewing several security camera brands, I settled on Arlo Pro 3. A friend has had the Arlo 2 for a year and said he loves it. With the newer, Pro 3 available, I purchased the Arlo Pro 3, installed five cameras, and now have camera security around my home. The features it has is great, especially Geo-Fencing. I can leave my home and automatically the system arms itself, and upon return, it disarms automatically. Great feature, for sure. Video quality is a great, sharp image. Two way speaker system allows me to converse with anyone that comes to my home, even while I'm away from home. The buyer has an option of using (paying) the complete Arlo service, or just local at home, on your cell. I do recommend this camera security sytem." - Amazon Reviewer

Ring Video Doorbell with HD Video Shop Best Prices

"I moved my 1st generation Ring Doorbell to the back door and installed the Ring Doorbell 3 at the front door. The field of view, responsiveness, sound quality and quality of the picture are much, much better on the Ring Doorbell 3 than the first generation unit. It also limits the motion response to just the area I selected unlike the old unit that over responded and picked up the movement of cars and trucks more than 30 feet away even though I had adjusted it to be less responsive. I'm very satisfied with the new unit." - Amazon Reviewer

Echo Dot - Smart Speake Shop Best Prices

"I love my echo dot. I have four of them and they really help make my life easier. They can control almost everything, lights, locks TV, music, thermostat. It hears you almost all of the time and I've run into very few issues with it overall. I really couldn't ask for a more helpful device. It's even more handy when I found that I could get a battery base for it. The GGMM D3 base that I found lets me carry the alexa dot around pretty much anywhere. I love that I can take it into the bathroom with me and listen to music while I shower or take it outside and listen to music. That's really the only thing I think it was missing." - Amazon Reviewer