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JAFFA (Just in Time, Affordable, Flexible, Fun, Adult Learning.) Inc. Computer Learning Center was founded in 2000 to expedite the process of landing a job, learning new career skills, and to provide a venue for purchasing top hardware and software products. Since our inception we have served thousands of clients around the world.

We provide a one-stop-shop for employment resources, career training, and purchasing top-rated hardware and software. Our employment resources offer a wide variety of sources for employment, our low cost online courses are designed to help you quickly learn a new skill to advance your career and stay competitive in today's job market, and our Hardware and Software is ranked by the best selling products.

At Jaffa Inc. we believe everyone should have an opportunity to Quickly, Easily, and Affordably learn and develop the skills needed to succeed in today's workplace. We provide Career Training courses on many subjects in our Course Catalog through our partnership with JER Online as well as Interactive Online Computer & Business Training, Live Computer Training, and Video Computer Training.


Interactive Online Computer & Technical Training Reviews ["Sign Up" Today!]

►Python Programming

  • "Computer skills is something I have been lacking for years now. I am already learning more than I thought I ever would. The instructor presents the information in a very easy to understand format which basically makes it like child play. I am extremely pleased with both the instructor and the information being presented. Now that I am learning these new skills, I know I will be an asset to any organization in todays work force. Thanks. I have a totally new outlook on life in general!"

    ►Computer Skills for the Workplace

  • "I was impressed with this class and even more with the fact that after reading one of the discussion responses that I was actually doing intermediate to advanced work with SQL and understanding it is a huge complement to the instructor. I have never been on Access or done any work with any other databases before either. I have since gone onto my home computer and done a lot of work setting up databases with the help of this course. Thank you and I will definitely be taking more and taking the instructors advice from one of the discussion areas on what to take in the future. Thank you again for a great class. After being unemployed for a year it is great to have something to make me feel good about!"

    ►Introduction to SQL

  • "I enjoyed the course. It removes a lot of the mystery and fear associated with the CPU box and all of the magic inside. A good confidence builder and that was what I was after in this course."

    ►Basic Computer Skills Suite

  • "This was my first online class and it won't be my last. I had started reading three books but couldn't really grasp the concepts. I got stuck and couldn't ask anyone. Then I took this course. Even though I'm reading text like in a book, I really feel like the instructor is talking and relating to me. I can ask questions in the discussion area and read other peoples questions. Really cool!"

    ►Introduction to Python Programming

  • "I have to admit I was completely clueless on how encryption works with WiFi. The horror stories on the web about individuals hacking personal info by breaking encryption always concerned me, as I had no real idea on securing my own network. Now I have an idea how to go forward with securing my laptop and other computers."

    ►Introduction to PC Security

  • "I liked the course very much and it has changed my view (in a positive and constructive manner), on how to approach building a database. I especially liked the introduction to the course as it gave me an insight as to the background of students undertaking this course. This is especially interesting as students are from different parts of the world"

    ►Introduction Database Development

  • "I enjoyed this course. I felt rather "computer illiterate" before taking it, but found that I knew more than I thought I did. Also; my trouble areas weren't as difficult as I expected them to be. I would highly reccomend this course and may take others myself. Thank you very much for your assistance."

    ►Computer Skills for the Workplace

  • "I just want to say that I am so impressed by the quality of this course and I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs to upgrade their skills and wants a good start into the Java world. The course materials and suggested additional materials for each chapter are excellent. I am an experienced pl/sql Oracle Database person who really needs Java to remain technically current. I am also impressed by the amount of time you have dedicated to each of us in our assignments. Thank you."

    ►Java Programming Series

  • "The course material was and will be very useful to me. It answered a lot of my questions, introduced me to new web page development methods, and provided good material for use as I work to improve the web site that I helped build and help maintain."

    ►Designing Effective Websites

  • "I definitely got what I needed out of this class. My primary objective was to learn how to work with a self-hosted WordPress website/blog that I took over for a client. Previously, I was intimidated by WordPress because I had never worked in it. This class gave me enough knowledge and confidence to dive into the existing WordPress site and start making changes to it, as well as set up my own self-hosted WordPress site which I am integrating with an existing, traditional website. Even though my objective was outside the scope of the class, the material you covered and the conversations in the Discussion area gave me what I was looking for."

    ►Creating WordPress Websites Series

  • "I really enjoyed the instructors writing style, and would like to comment on her excellent use of English and attention to detail/proofreading. Too many programmers, including instructors, don't seem to care how their messages are written as long as someone, somewhere can decipher the meaning. When an instructor cares enough to write well, I respect his/her knowledge and authority on the subject. I feel that this is very important when learning, as it is the instructor's job to make material more efficient to absorb (otherwise, we wouldn't need instructors, would we?). Thanks"

    ►Introduction to SQL

  • "The instructor is excellent with great teaching skills. He could explain all the difficult concepts in a simple and easy to follow manner. He is really brilliant and loved his teaching. The course is really interesting explaining the basics. The quiz and assignments are nicely planned and gave more confidence. Discussion areas also helped a lot. The course is truly inspiring one!!"

    ►Creating Mobile Apps with HTML5

  • "I really enjoyed this course and getting some answers to questions that have been nagging at me.I like the fact that I could print the whole course for future reference. Finally, when I have a computer problem, I can prove to my husband that it is not just the loose nut behind the keyboard. Thanks"

    ►Basic Computer Skills Suite

  • "What a fantastic course, especially for the cost. You can get out of it whatever you are willing to put into it. I would recommend this course to others."

    ►Intermediate Oracle

  • "I especially liked the way the instructor paced the lessons. They weren't so complicated and involved that you had to burn the midnight oil in order to complete them. There was enough material covered, to be able to start learning some advanced Python subjects on your own."

    ►Introduction to Python Programming

  • Career Training Reviews ["Sign Up" Today!]

    Introduction to Technical Writing for Industry
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  • "In my current employment, there are no documentation standards or guidelines. By taking this course, I felt enlightened right after I learned how to create a procedure and tinker with the writing style. I also learned how to identify the key emotional competences for outstanding performance." - Chen Chu

  • "This course met my expectations perfectly - Jonathan provided extra materials and valuable feedback in addition to the text. The class was very well structured." - Robin Kruse

  • "This course was very well thought out. I enjoyed the information about the Tech Writing profession, along with, useful writing examples and guidelines. " - Jim Whitsel

  • "Jonathan was wonderful. Patient and understanding of my hectic lifestyle. He was very helpful and his comments were always given in a positive way. " - Selina Cidade

  • "Taking this class gave my a background in the field of Technical writing which I did not previously have." - Adesuwa Evbuoma

  • "I like how the workshop has been currently designed. Each module and topic challenges the students to bring out and reinforce creativity and resourcefullness. I also like how you give constructed comments and suggestions to areas that needs improvement, and on how you direct students to very useful and relevant book resources." - Diadema Martinez

  • "My knowledge greatly increased because I knew so little about technical writing before taking this course. I feel that my writing skills improved. My course instructor, Monika Duvinage, was terrific. The instructor`s feedback was quick, comprehensive, well thought out, and very helpful." - James Antonucci

  • "Extremly high. Little things I was struggling with are no issues to me at this time. I have more confidence. I`m making sure I tell other people about my success. " - Jennifer Taylor

  • "I have an awareness of what technical writing is about. My writing skills improved & my attitude is positive now. Before I did not really think that I could pass this course, but now my self confidence has increased." - Sujata Cukkemane

  • "My knowledge increased extensively. The projects helped me be more confident in my ability to write and communicate. Learning the various rules of technical writing have been very helpful." - Judy Evans

  • Career Training Reviews ["Sign Up" Today!]

    Advanced Technical Writing
    ["Sign Up" Today!]

  • "This is the first online course I have taken. One its benefits has been Diane's accessibility and encouragement. She has answered all the questions I`ve asked her in a timely, pleasant and thorough manner." - Barbara Tomasello

  • "I learned what a proposal is, how to plan one and write a winning proposal. I also learned about designing Request for Proposals. Diane has a friendly, gentle teaching style which I really enjoyed. She answered every question I gave to her well." - Cameron Marschall

  • "The instuctor offered very valuable comments on every assignment. It was very obvious that she had taken the time to really look at my work, not just quickly scan over it. Her comments were very useful." - Linda Gill

  • "Great instructor, great course material. I learned a great deal!" - Susan Culbreath

  • "My writing on the job has definitely improved. I write more confidently as a result and more frequently. In addition, I am more open to suggestion about my writing than previously. I think I`ve gained a greater sense of collaboration in terms of publishing a document. I did use my final assignment to help prepare me for a potential proposal that may prove to be very lucrative. " - Alex Milosavljevic

  • "I have never written a proposal, so everything I learned in this class was new and exciting. My writing and design skills improved. In order to complete the class, I had to study the advanced editing and design tools in Word and Excel. I am significantly more confident and more respected in the workplace. Diane was a terrific instructor. " - James Antonucci

  • "I was very pleased with the course. It was rigourous, but not consuming, which I needed with my schedule.I intend to take online courses whenever the need arises rather than a traditional course. I felt I had individual attention, and the time flexibility was invaluable. " - Jean Breeding

  • Tech Gadget Reviews

    Fire TV Stick Streaming Device [Shop Best Prices!]

  • "I found the new 4K (HDR) Firestick to function much better than the 2nd Gen Firestick. It downloads app pages much faster. And with the added on/off function of the TV, and controlling my surround system volume/mute, awesome. There are no special settings to get through to use those functions! I was using the Ethernet adapter on the 2nd Gen Stick, but found it useless to use with this Stick. It only caused interference problems and appears to only see WiFi. So I unplugged the adapter and went with just using the WiFi. The interference stopped and now it works great! Now to only get a 4K TV!" - Amazon Reviewer

  • Roku Express HD Streaming [Shop Best Prices]

  • "The Roku Streaming Stick+ is simply awesome. It's super easy to set up, it's powered by your TV, and the signal booster that is built in to the USB cable ensures a strong wireless connection. This thing attaches entirely to the backside of your TV and is completely out of sight once it's installed. I bought this for use with a bedroom TV because I didn't want any unnecessary electronics cluttering up the room, and I couldn't be happier." - Amazon Reviewer

  • Arlo Pro - Wireless Home Camera System [Shop Best Prices]

  • "After reviewing several security camera brands, I settled on Arlo Pro 3. A friend has had the Arlo 2 for a year and said he loves it. With the newer, Pro 3 available, I purchased the Arlo Pro 3, installed five cameras, and now have camera security around my home. The features it has is great, especially Geo-Fencing. I can leave my home and automatically the system arms itself, and upon return, it disarms automatically. Great feature, for sure. Video quality is a great, sharp image. Two way speaker system allows me to converse with anyone that comes to my home, even while I'm away from home. The buyer has an option of using (paying) the complete Arlo service, or just local at home, on your cell. I do recommend this camera security sytem." - Amazon Reviewer

  • Ring Video Doorbell with HD Video [Shop Best Prices]

  • "I moved my 1st generation Ring Doorbell to the back door and installed the Ring Doorbell 3 at the front door. The field of view, responsiveness, sound quality and quality of the picture are much, much better on the Ring Doorbell 3 than the first generation unit. It also limits the motion response to just the area I selected unlike the old unit that over responded and picked up the movement of cars and trucks more than 30 feet away even though I had adjusted it to be less responsive. I'm very satisfied with the new unit." - Amazon Reviewer

  • Echo Dot - Smart Speaker [Shop Best Prices]

  • "I love my echo dot. I have four of them and they really help make my life easier. They can control almost everything, lights, locks TV, music, thermostat. It hears you almost all of the time and I've run into very few issues with it overall. I really couldn't ask for a more helpful device. It's even more handy when I found that I could get a battery base for it. The GGMM D3 base that I found lets me carry the alexa dot around pretty much anywhere. I love that I can take it into the bathroom with me and listen to music while I shower or take it outside and listen to music. That's really the only thing I think it was missing." - Amazon Reviewer

  • Top Rated Laptops [Shop Best Selling Laptops]

    Top Rated Desktops [Shop Best Selling Desktops]

    Top Rated Tablets [Shop Best Selling Tablets]

    Frequently Asked Questions

    NOTE: The FAQs below refer to the career training courses located in our Career Training Course Catalog. For additional courses that we offer Check out our Interactive Online Computer & Business Training, Live Computer Training and our Video Computer Training.

  • Q. What does JAFFA Inc. stand for?
  • A. Just in Time, Affordable, Flexible, Fun, Adult Learning.

  • Q. What types of Courses are offered in the Career Training Course Catalog?
  • A. The Career Training Course Catalog contains hundreds of SELF-PACED, (Note: Some courses include instructors.) cost affordable, non-credit courses on a wide variety of career fields.

  • Q. How can I view a list of all of the courses in the Career Training Course Catalog?
  • A. To view all of our course offerings, open our Course Catalog and click on the "Courses" link. Next, click on the "Expand / Collapse All" link.

  • Q. What can I expect after I register for an online course in the Career Training Course Catalog?
  • A. At the time of a "paid registration enrollment" our system will generate an automated email that will notify you that your enrollment is official. At the same time our instructors or course administrators will similarly receive an automated email. Within 3 complete business days all emails should have been processed and you will be given specific directions on how to begin your course of study.

  • Q. How do I complete a paid registration enrollment for a course in the Career Training Course Catalog?
  • A. Select a course from the Course Catalog . Click "Purchase Now". Next, select a Course Option with a "Start and End date" that you want to start the course. You will then be given the option to pay online.

  • Q. What type of completion information is available upon completion of a course in the Career Training Course Catalog?
  • A. Students may obtain a free letter of completion via email upon request and completion of a course. A paper-based certificate can be purchased for a nominal fee.

  • Q. Do you offer any other online courses outside of the in the Career Training Course Catalog courses?
  • A. Yes. Check out our Interactive Online Computer & Business Training, Live Computer Training and Video Computer Training. These courses are Continuing Education Courses that are taught by industry professionals. Each course is 6 weeks long, instructor-facilitated, contain interactive quizzes, assignments, and lively discussion areas, and are OFFERED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH YOUR PREFERRED SCHOOL. Many of the courses also provide a self-paced option of the course, for those who prefer to work on their own, at their own pace, and without an instructor.

  • Q. How long are the online courses?
  • A. This varies and depends on the course. Courses are instructor-led or self directed and short courses are typically about 12 weeks long depending on the subject matter. Students have "immediate access to all of the course material", so students may work at their own pace and finish courses sooner than scheduled. Students may start courses "Anytime" or on a "Fixed Time Schedule" for fast completion.

  • Q. Can I work ahead of the course schedule?
  • A. Yes. Students have "immediate access to all of the course material", so students may work at their own pace and finish courses sooner than scheduled. Students may start courses "Anytime" or on a "Fixed Time Schedule" for fast completion.

  • Q. How can I view the course length of a specific course?
  • A. You can view this information without registering for a course. Click the "Purchase Now" button near the top within an individual course to view ”Start and End dates” as well as ”Start Anytime Dates” under the "Duration" column.

  • Q. How can I view information about the instructor of a course?
  • A. You can view this information without registering for a course. Click the "Purchase Now" button near the top within an individual course and then click on the instructor's name under the "Instructor" column.

  • Q. What if I have additional questions about a course before registering?
  • A. Click the “Contact Us” link near the bottom of this page for our contact information.
    Note: Email is the best form of contact, since it enables you to receive detailed information about a course that you can refer back to after contact with us.

  • Q. What type of students enroll in the online courses?
  • A. Students who enroll in our online courses are either individuals, employees of a company, consultants, freelancers or those seeking new career choices.

  • Q. How are the courses delivered to students?
  • A. Students will usually access our courses using a web browser and in some cases through email or other means including Learning Management Systems. Depending on the course, some content may be delivered via CD, and other digital media.

  • Q. Who designs and develops the online courses?
  • A. The courses that comprise our course catalog are developed by JER Online. JER Online is one of the largest resellers of corporate developed online courses to the continuing workforce education marketplace. JER Online (JER Group, Inc.) lists over 1000+, cost affordable, non-credit Courses and are always adding "more courses...all the time " to a growing inventory. These online career training courses are designed to provide the skills necessary for today’s high-demand occupations.

  • Q. Online Classes: Are They A Good Fit For You?
  • A. Online classes are often very different than traditional face-to-face classes in terms of the presentation of material, the nature of the interaction among class members, and the necessity for independent learning driven by student resourcefulness. A flexible schedule in which to do assignments from the comfort of home, a decrease in travel time, and a decrease in expense for gas are notable benefits of distance learning environments. Additionally, many students report that they actually learn more in online classes than in face-to-face classes due to the immersion in the subject, and therefore find the experience more rewarding than a traditional learning environment. But online classes are not the best fit for all individuals. Even an excellent student may find that distance learning is not compatible with his or her particular learning styles and preferences. So, before enrolling in an online class, a student should give some thought to whether the distance learning environment is a good fit for his or her educational needs.

    While there are many points to consider when making a decision about online learning, ultimately it is the student who is the best person to make the decision about its appropriateness. An individual who has cultivated a good work ethic, strong study skills, and an internal drive to learn will likely find that an online learning environment is an excellent alternative to the traditional classroom environment that provides incredible flexibility and a rewarding learning experience with nearly limitless opportunities.

  • Q. Do you have self-discipline and motivation?
  • A. Unlike traditional courses in which the students and instructor meet face-to-face once or several times a week, most of the learning activities and communication in an online course are asynchronous, meaning that class members participate and complete their assignments at different times throughout the day and week. This arrangement makes it possible for students to do coursework at all hours of the day and week, whenever it is convenient. Assignments and discussions often follow a schedule in which students have a range of days in which to contribute, but this arrangement, with the increased freedom and flexibility, requires responsibility and self-discipline. Without the structure of regular class meetings, a student must self-regulate and carefully keep track of scheduling for assignments and discussions.

  • Q. Are you able to commit the proper amount of time each day or week to an online course(s)?
  • A. Online courses require at least as much, if not more, time and commitment than traditional courses. Students must complete the work that would normally take place in a traditional classroom while online through discussions and projects; they then must also complete assignments similar to those provided in a traditional course setting. Completing course assignments and other learning activities can take from five to fifteen hours (or more) per week, depending on the number of credits the course is worth, and the nature of the subject matter. With some classes, a student may need to be online almost every day. Before enrolling, a student should ensure that he or she can set aside ample time to work on daily and weekly assignments.

  • Q. Are you comfortable using computers?
  • A. While students don't need to be Information Technology majors or programming gurus to take an online course, basic computer skills are absolutely essential, such as such as word processing, typing, and Web browsing abilities. Students also need regular access to a computer and reliable Internet connection. Individuals who are not computer savvy are not necessarily unfit for the online environment as there are opportunities for training at local libraries and community colleges. It is often helpful to brush up on basic computer skills before enrolling in an online course.

  • Q. Will you miss the traditional classroom and its social components?
  • A. Online instruction often requires a tremendous quantity of interaction between students, but this interaction is different from the sort provided in a traditional classroom. Some students prefer being able to listen to an instructor's cadence and watch his or her use of facial expressions and other nonverbal cues when processing information. Additionally, many of the social elements of a college environment are removed, such as the early-arrival chatter and after-class rehash. Some students in distance learning environments miss having the opportunity to see and listen to their instructor and classmates; however, many quieter students find the online environment freeing because there is less pressure to speak amongst a more gregarious and vocal audience.

  • Q. Do you have good communication skills and enjoy expressing your ideas in writing?
  • A. In online courses, nearly all communication is written, so it is critical that the student feel comfortable with written expression of ideas. Professional writing skills are essential, and this may be an unfamiliar standard for those individuals who are more comfortable writing in the informal tones commonly used in blogging and on social networking sites. This attention to technical accuracy is necessary because the online medium does not provide for non-verbal cues, emotive icons, and body language to assist with clarity. A student should honestly asses his or her formal written communication skills and make sure to strengthen these skills before enrolling. Additionally, a student should be aware of the quantity of writing required before considering an online course.

  • Q. Do you feel comfortable asking instructors for assistance?
  • A. In the online environment, any technological issues that arise should be dealt with as soon as they are noticed. A student must be comfortable approaching an instructor in person or through e-mail with any technological problems or course content issues. In a traditional environment, an instructor can tell when students are confused by raised hands, confused facial expressions, and other nonverbal cues, but in an online environment, a student must be proactive or the instructor will never know there is a problem.

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